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So... I'm doing the AP art portfolio... and my oh-so-brilliant art teacher had us put our work up on the walls so she keep count of how much of our portfolio we had left to do.


I officially hate humanity.

I mean, two of them aren't all that good, but the third was amazing,  breakthrough for me in how I use markers.

When I found out (they had been up there for weeks so it was difficult to tell when they went missing, especially when you have twenty or so pieces to keep track of) I was so BLOODY ANGRY. I spent the rest of the day basically having a tantrum, which I can't remember doing since I was a toddler. Seriously. I wanted to scream and throw furniture. I couldn't even punch any walls because, what if I broke a hand? I still need both in order to type and finish out the school year, and I definitely needed the right one so I could finish the goddamned portfolio.

The most irritating thing was my art teacher going on, saying, "I know it's a loss... and I know it hurts, but you need to finish your portfolio. At least... people took interest in your work." I SWEAR I WAS THIS CLOSE FROM PUNCHING HER IN THE FACE.

I went around muttering that if I ever found out who did it I would punch them and knock their teeth out and keep their teeth (though, realistically I suppose, I would have to use a baseball bat or pliers or something). I also said things like ripping out their testicles, pan frying them and shoving them down their throat, the little ingrates. To this of course, my friends said, what if it's a woman?

To which I responded that ovaries would fry just as well.
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